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E-commerce Payment Gateway

The business world is fast becoming dependent on online payment processing and management. However, for a more stable and growth-oriented option, BlueSnap is the e-commerce payment gateway of choice.BlueSnap is a payment processing and gateway option based in Waltham, Massachusetts. Though it is a payment gateway, users can benefit from its affiliate marketing services. This article looks at what other features and benefits businesses can look forward to with BlueSnap e-commerce gateway.

Blue commerce features

Just like any other payment processor, BlueSnap offers basic services and more. You will find comfort in the versatility and freedom this online tool offers. Some of the features include:

• Allows virtual and mobile payments
• Customizable payment API settings
• Fraud protection abilities
• Top-of-the notch payment gateway
• A merchant account
• Payment processing
• Currency converters
• Integration with services such as PayPal, Skrill, and Google.
• Great support for both business and the customer.
• Developer resources that aim to enhance checkout development for easy use by the customer.
• Third-party e-commerce tools
• Ability to collect taxes as well as track and monitor conversions
• Affiliate marketing network.

BlueSnap is tailored to create an environment that boosts conversions in an efficient way.

What makes BlueSnap stands out?


BlueSnap offers one of the best security features in the online business platform. The fraud prevention ability backed by the state-of-the-art PCI level one compliance offers more than just security for your site. Your account, as well as that of your customers, is secure. On top of all that, you can customize the fraud protection settings to your preference. Few payment processors offer this feature.


BlueSnap offers reporting options, and thanks to the partnership with Google analytics, you can monitor your conversions. You can also view the number of transactions in a day as well as sales.

Ease to use

Using BlueSnap is very easy on the customer’s end as well as the merchant. The checkout or shopping cart can be customized in an attractive way to boost conversions. The merchant side dashboard located on the left side of the screen has a great interface. There are third-party plugins that can be added to improve usability and performance.

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